As we know our product and the requirements of our clients, we select goods from the original location and apply rigorous and homologated traceability control systems to succeed with the implementation of high quality standards. We are committed to transparency by means of individual tests in specialized laboratories, which guarantee that our fish gets to final consumers in the best conditions possible.


We do have infinite potential and margin growth, as, since 2009, we are a model company in our sector due to consolidation and development of new products and business lines based in solid diversification and internationalization strategies.


Reina Pesca and Daniela Reina, our gourmet products line, enjoy their own capacity, identity and personality within Sigma Ittica’s commercial strategy in Spain and abroad.


We are a Mediterranean company, committed to its own social and economic environment. Hence, our efforts to expand to new international markets aim, likewise, to support and benefit those local industries we directly or indirectly work with.

Torre Proconsa, Oficina 507-508

Carril de la Condesa, núm 58

30010 Murcia (SPAIN)

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