Tuna, marlin and swordfish loins, mullet, tuna and ling roes, mackerel, bonito or cod are just a few of our specialties. Sigma Ittica is a trusted source for the highest quality of frozen fish products.


We are an enterprising company, born out of the experience, professionalism and self-improvement spirit. We apply modern methods to efficiently deal with the determining characteristics of delicate and millenary products.




Thus, in barely five years, we have successfully turned into a proud and preferential provider of the best artisans of gourmet quality products in Spain, France, Greece or Italy.


Our global and university education allow us to reach markets from five continents, and, at the same time, to provide our clients with the commitment and proximity of a local business. This is why we became a local, national and international reference in the distribution of best quality frozen fish.



Torre Proconsa, Oficina 507-508

Carril de la Condesa, núm 58

30010 Murcia (SPAIN)

T +34 968 920 028

F +34 968 353 041

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